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What type of training is required to become a Licensed Acupuncturist/ Herbalist? 

The New York College Masters in  Acupuncture

The Bachelors in Health Science with a Masters Degree in Acupuncture program consists of three strands of courses – Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western biomedical sciences and is taught in 3 Semester per year with no summers off and can be completed in 3 years.

The 141-credit program’s curriculum includes theories of Chinese physiology based on the five elements and Yin and Yang, meridians and point location, medical terminology, Western diagnosis and pharmacology.

Students must complete courses in massage, Eastern nutrition, energy work, herbology, and professional ethics. Acupuncture students complete 720 clinical training hours through observation, assistantship and internship under direct guidance of expert teachers.Students in the three years Bachelors in Health Science with a Master Degree in Acupuncture can learn several systems of Acupuncture including Chinese Acupuncture, Japanese Acupuncture, French Acupuncture, and Korean Acupuncture. To gain entry into the program the student must first have a Associates Degree from an Accredited College. 

The college’s four-year Bachelor of Health Science /Masters in Oriental Medicine degree (Herbology and Acupuncture Specialty)  program is similar to the Acupuncture program with an additional strand of courses in Chinese Herbology with less variety of Acupuncture systems than the 3 yr Master in Acupuncture. Oriental Medicine students complete 900 clinical training hours through observation, assistantship and internship – including preparing formulas in the herbal pharmacy.


Many graduates of the Masters in Acupuncture go on to take an additional 2 years of study in Herbal Medicine and earn their 2nd Masters in Oriental Medicine . Dan took this route completing both Master Degrees separately. 

The Chinese Herbology  Program consists of 510 hours of didactic courses and 360 hours of clinical training over five additional trimesters. The advantage to studying Acupuncture and Herbs separately is the exposure to more systems, treatment methods  and clinical experience in each subject of Herbs and Acupuncture .

Dan Regan L.Ac 

Dan Has been a martial artist for many years and it was through his own injuries that he had learned of the great healing methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Having grown up in a middle class working environment in New York, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine were mostly frowned upon as some placebo nonsense. However out of desperation Dan was willing to give it a shot after having been injured in training and none of the common treatments such as prescription medicine and physical therapy had helped relieve his pain. Dan picked up the yellow pages and looked up Acupuncture and tried several different doctors for relief of his pain. Very few of the treatments helped. Finally It was through a referral to a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine by one of Dan's martial arts teachers that Dan had found relief from pain  . The Acupuncture and Herbal therapies helped tremendously and years later Dan decided to pursue the study of this medicine for himself. It was a huge commitment which started with attaining an Associates degree in community college which would then gain him entry into the Bachelors and Masters degree programs in Acupuncture and Herbology . Having been through the good and bad experiences with various practitioners himself, Dan is very straight forward in letting patients know if he thinks he can help them or not and has no ego or problem with referring patients to someone else if he feels that is the best route for the patient. Due to his honesty and putting the patients care first , he has gained many loyal patients who call him whenever they are sick or in pain. 

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